"The summer program made me stronger and more prepared for the Cross Country season. I saw an increase in my pace and stamina and also improved my kick at the end of the race. I like how the program is formatted for each athlete's strengths and the sport that they participate in."

-Ainsley Powers, BHS Cross Country Runner

"During the proram I learned how to fire my muscles correctly through agility and strength exercises. It also really helped me increase my speed and ability to change directions. I look forward to continuing in the future."

-Anne Jonas BHS Senior and future Northern State softball player

"Our son, Nolan, attended the program last summer. He progressed only after he demonstrated mastery of specific skills. He developed physcial strength body awareness, muscle coordination and flexiblity. Once the program was complete, he saw the distance in his golf drive go further and noticed a change in his posture. He left with a sense of physcial accomplishment and we plan to enroll our son again in the Performance Enhancement Program."             -Seth and Ann Hansen




"The staff of the Performance Enhancement Program have the education and experience to create programs that cultivate core body strength and flexibility. "

-Ann Hansen