Holly Schultz-Nelson

Holly is our office manager and has been with Kleinjan Chiropractic & Sports Medicine for over 10 years. She has a unique chiropractic story.  Holly sought treatment from Dr. Mary in 2004 for chronic, nearly incapacitating jaw pain and headaches.  Her symptoms were so severe; she had been self-medicating with nearly 30 ibuprofen a day!  Through the course of her care, she became more educated as to how her body works and how to manage symptoms naturally.  She became a believer when after just a few months, her pain had all but diminished, and when Dr. Mary presented the opportunity for Holly to come to work as a Chiropractic Assistant, she jumped at it!


When Holly’s not at the clinic, she enjoys camping & fishing most of the summer with her husband Tad and girls Ashtyn, Morgan and Ella. Holly & Tad are avid duck hunters, but also enjoy pheasant hunting back at Holly's parent's farm near her home town of Tulare, SD.